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Covid-19 lead us to understand which are the actual human being excluded from the technological lifestyle. Boomers generations were tought to be not an old generation, but due to this pandemic, it is clear that only new generations have the ability to use techological devices and apps in order to do daily essential activities, like doing grocery shopping paying bills, and in general perform bank activities. Our idea is to create or reuse a Voice Assistant with AI, to deeply explain how to perform the customer journey for the essential activities, that Boomers generation have to face from home, in a lot of cases alone. In fact, these kind of explanation is usually done by the relatives, since they are often not independent. But the relatives are not always available. Through Tech4All, the elderly generations can simply talk asking for something, and the Voice Assistant will help the elders directly explaining how to perform that activities. Thech4All can also directly execute certains activities, for example "buying milk, meat and water from a market near home".

Built With

  • ibm-watson-text-to-speech
  • machine-learning-techniques
  • python
  • voice-assistent-(e.g.-alexa)

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